Hybrid App Development

We provide native looking reliable hybrid applications for our clients with better performance.We develop hybrid apps using React Native framework and Xamarine as well.

Why Hybrid apps over Native Apps?

When it comes to the topic of Native vs Hybrid always there are arguments going on and pros and cons are there. So the selection over Hybrid and Native is always depend upon your actual requirement priorities and the budget capabilities. Because developing an app is not free service you should willing to pay for development as well as for maintenance and future scaling processes as well . So considering all these facts finally you could come to a decision which you have to choose between these two technologies. 

  • Reduce the Development and maintenance cost by developing Hybrid Apps

The  development and maintenance cost is always a  huge concern for small and mid range businesses.So with Hybrid technologies you can easily cut off 40% of your initial cost for the app development compared to the native apps. 

  • Save your time with easier and faster development

If you prefer the native apps then for android and iOS you have to develop two apps separately and it will cost your time and also the money as well.But with hybrid after your code is done you are ready to launch your apps for both platforms at once.

  • Maintain your apps easily

One of major pro of hybrid app development is the low maintenance cost. If you develop with native then you have to spend extra cost and time  to roll out new versions with each update. 

Can we get same Native User Experience with Hybrid Apps?

"User experience" ;that is what your ultimate goal should be.Because customers are the critical stake holders who directly affect the success of your business.Giving them a bad user experience over your app is making them upset and not good for the future of your business . In comparison with hybrid ,the native apps always comes first place in this matter.But don't worry you still can afford this hybrid apps with same UI experience if you are in good hands of hybrid developers.

Though it is hybrid or native the quality depends on how expertise the developers are.At Trans Ceylon we have Hybrid developers who could deliver same feel of User experience  given by native apps.Our hybrid apps are visually almost indistinguishable from the native apps.

Why we prefer "React Native" for Hybrid Developments?

Using React Native framework for hybrid development our developers quickly create apps in Javascript which work as same as it has been written in native languages. But the development process will be faster and easier compared to native.Compared with other hybrid developments React Native is focused on building a mobile UI. Therefore you can expect one of best alternative app for native if you choose React Native as your development technology.That's why we at Tran Ceylon always encourage our clients to go with React Native instead of other hybrid technologies.

Services provided under React Native technology

* React native app development * React native Android app development * React native iOS app development * QA and testing React native apps * React native customization for existing apps React native UI/UX and API development

Why Trans Ceylon for Hybrid App Development?

Trans Ceylon provides best solutions on time and we serve for all size of industry domains. We are a Sri Lanka based company willing to serve our nation with cost-effective hybrid mobile application development for an affordable price. Our apps are visually stunning, scalable for your new features and services for cross-platform applications mainly Android and iOS.