Native Mobile App Development (Android/ iOS)

We deliver high-quality iOS and Android apps. serves for all industries including finance, automotive, education, health, retails etc..

Leverage Mobile Technology for your business

Mobiles are now an integral part of lives but you still don't leverage the mobile techs into your business yet. Then don't be too late. The expertise at trans Ceylon is at your service for providing native Android and iOs apps for your business. We care about your ideas when designing and developing our apps. We are here just to help you technically to develop what's in your mind. Because it's your business and you know what your customers expecting and how they behave with your business. So let us know which kind of mobile app you are dreaming of and we will deliver what you exactly looking for with best quality and standards. As we provide both Android and iOS native apps you can serve the best user experience with their own device capabilities.

Why mobile apps over a web?

Are you already have a web site for e-business and thinking why mobile app needed for my business while having a good website. Then consider each fact below. Compare them with your own web and mobile app experience and answer the above question again. 😀

  • Now people spent more than 60% of their digital time in smartphone apps rather than the web.
  • It is always easy to access to resources rather than horrible web search visit.
  • Apps are simple and impressive rather than the web.

Android app or iOS app for your business?

As native app developers, we serve both Android and iOS apps and based upon your customers you could whether go for Android or iOS or both. Because after you leveraging mobile technology to your business nowadays most connecting media for your business would be mobile rather than web through a desktop. So on such a situation, you should carefully analyze to which mobile platform you are serving. So do research before deciding. The main fact is the number of each device users in current and potential customer base. You should serve your app for the highest portion. If you having a large scale of customer base with considerable Android as well as iOS users then you should serve for both of them.

So it's up to you to decide 😀😃If you launch on the wrong platform ready to bear the loss of your primary target audience.

Why native app instead of a hybrid app serves for multiple platforms?

While reading above you may think why don't we develop a hybrid app which serves for them both with a low budget and easy maintenance. If you having this question then don't be hurry. Read the below mentioned carefully. Then you will get to know why having a native app for each platform is worth rather than a cheap hybrid app.

  • The most important fact comes under this issue is the level of user experience (hybrid apps could never beat the User experience given by a native app)

No one could say no to this as native app developments can sensually use the specific capabilities of each mobile platforms and can serve a tremendous user experience differ from one OS to another. The end users or the customers of your mobile app never worries about what technology behind the app development. But they worry too much about user experience and the user interface. So, in that case, they will clearly feel the indifference between a native app and a hybrid app even without knowing what's behind it. The only output will be they could go for your competitor who could provide the best user experience for them. So don't let your customers leave you by only thinking of how much you reduct from your development and maintenance. Just offer the best and get uplift the revenue. Your app is also an indication of the quality of your business. Keep it high quality and impressive.

  • Each Android and iOS platforms offer different capabilities

When developing native apps the developers use technologies which are platform specific and these codes access directly to the native OS and the functionalities. This direct access to native features always make the performance rate higher and it completely affects the user experience as well. Especially related to the rendering graphics and multimedia functionalities. So always native codes reduce the reliable risk of the app and give better performance.

Android App Development

At Trans Ceylon, our proficient Android experts having competent of developing best Android native apps and we serve for any industry. We offer cost-effective mobile solutions for the Android platform; we are a trusted partner of many clients local and international as well. We use Java and newest Kotlin technologies for the Android app development.

iOS App Developemnt

We develop mobile solutions for both iPhones and iPads using the Swift and Objective-C programming languages with Apple’s development tools and guidelines. Experts at Trans Ceylon build highly effective and reliable iOS apps, which are compatible across all app store. We take over the responsibility of developing new apps as well as the same time we are taking control of existing apps and work on troubleshooting and bug fixing as well with your existing code base.

Why Trans Ceylon for Mobile App Development?

There are hundreds of Sri Lankan and international native app providers available. But at trans Ceylon you will find the best balance among the quality, price, maintenance, standards, and reliability. We are very sensitive to your every detailed requirement. We serve for all range of business models starting from small retails shop to the multi-functional business companies throughout the world. So you are in good hands. Our experts will provide you the best native apps which could inspire yourself together with your customers.