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Wandering the amazing Sigiriya

Wandering the amazing Sigiriya

Sigiriya is one of the largest monoliths in the world which is a large site which dates back to the 5th century B.C.The complex was then built by King Kashyapa in 477-495 CE and was once again used as a Buddhist monastery after his death, until the 14th century.But it's fame has arisen from the ancient fortress built there in the 5th Century AD.Sigiriya consists with all features in the kingdom such as flower gardens, lakes, caves etc. According to the Mahawansha (main Chronicle of Sri Lanka) king kashyapa built his kingdom in Sigiriya to protect from his brother king Mihidu..It has outer walls, middle walls, two moats with crocodiles, inner walls and finally a palace on top of the rock with only one way up.Sigiriya is one of the UNESCO heritages in Sri Lanka.

No matter whether you are a history lover or not there are lot to enjoy in Sigiriya. It will be a mistake you’ll done with your tour to Sri Lanka if you miss to visit this amazing monolith with huge attraction. When you reach the top of Sigirya you’ll be amazed for the sure is that possible to made up such an architectural portrait on a rock. Even today the Sigiriya rock gardens in the top of rock get water supply without any new technological interaction such as piping . It says that even in the era of Kashyapa they have used the scientific physics concept called “Bernouli “ to pomp the water.

Visiting Sigiriya would be an amazing experience for you so don’t miss that in your tour schedule to Sri Lanka. Trans Ceylon we are ready to provide you the best facilities and he guidance through out your journey.

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