Discover Paradise from the air - Sri Lankan Air Taxi service

Discover Paradise from the air - Sri Lankan Air Taxi service

No doubt you travel lovers want to visit Sri Lanka atleast once in there life time because Sri Lanka is such a country full of adventures and natural beauty.That in the world there may be no other country like this where you may relax your self ina any kind of climate you prefer. If you want to relax in a coast or in a cool climate or may be wanna relax in summer location, whatever you prefer everything is packed in this sweet country.

So now am gonna let you know an interesting thing you could experience while visiting Sri Lanka. Instead of going and visiting a location through out your Sri Lankan tour take some time to explore this amazing country from the air.You may find several AIR TAXI services and you could select one of them as you prefer.

Below I have given some useful links for you to find a matching service for you.…/flying-w…/airtaxi-flight-schedule

If you gonna select Trans Ceylon as your tour organized no worries we gonna make everything arrange for you without making it hard for you to contact them all and worrying about the services.

So by today contact us for your reservation via

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