Golden sandy beaches, the sky above blue and sunny... welcome to Unawatuna beach , Sri Lanka

Noe this amazing beach is among the World's 100 best beaches

Unawatuna is 120 km from Colombo and four kilometres south of Galle is popular tourist destination. Ramayanaya epic story says that Unawatuna was created from piece of earth of Hialaya.It was a very nice story and while you visitng this lovely place keep in mind to explore the story.The beautiful water is still there and you can still find decent patches of sand, but in several places greed has replaced good taste and common sense.

Unawatuna makes for a good, quick beach escape from Galle's Fort: it's only 6km southeast. Otherwise it offers a cheap and cheerful sandy idyll, at least on the bulldozer- and boulder-free west end.

So while you planning your trip to Sri Lanka put a special note to visit this golden beach for sure.

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