Health Care

Health Care


Mobile apps are now transforming the healthcare industry. Are you a doctor, patient or else clinician, and haven't dig the horizons of the digital transformation towards the health care and medical industry. So put your first step with Trans Ceylon. We are here to help you to develop the best mobile apps for your requirement.


Advance Doctor Booking Systems with simplified search

Doctor booking systems already exist. But it doesn’t mean that you are too late to start up a one. Because the existing systems have so many drawbacks and leakages. To develop a better one. When you are booking a hotel to your next stay in a hotel booking system you are given multiple filters and it finally defines the best one for you. But such filtering is not available with current doctor booking systems. So take competitive advantage and give a try. Trans Ceylon we are ready to do our part. We have already developed the same kind of apps and we are here ready to give you the assistance.


Apps for the ongoing appointment number for private hospitals

Though the patients are given the exact time on their appointment receipt it is always not reliable. Therefore patients wasting their valuable time on the hospital seats. So we have a great solution for that at Trans Ceylon. With this newest technology app, the patients can get to know the current examining patient number. The system is interconnected to an internal system and we provide both backend and front end developments for this service. If you are a private hospital who is really concerned the patients time then join with us and become the best hospital who really cares about their customers.


Personalized patient care app for doctors and consultants

Are you a medical doctor or a consultant and looking forward to serving your premium patients with a personalized experience. Contacting through the mobile number is a headache as your number could be revealed to anybody. So join with us and develop the personalized medicare app on your requirements. With this app, the doctor could communicate with their patients via the app and it makes sure that you do not get hesitate by unauthorized people.


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